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We’re Donsuemor


It all began nearly 40 years ago with an original French recipe. Don and Susie Morris (Don-Sue-Mor) introduced madeleines to their Berkeley, California community in 1976 deemed the “Gourmet Ghetto.” Respectively, the creative entrepreneur and the passionate baker crafted a treat unlike any other: a miniature, moist and delicate cake with a fresh, unforgettable taste.

Today the artisanal bakers at Donsuemor create a full line of madeleines and other elegant European-inspired desserts such as french almond cakes, biscotti, newly released nonnettes, and petits gateaux. Donsuemor continues its tradition of crafting products inspired by the founders’ love of classic Old World recipes baked with a craftsman’s heedfulness to quality and detail.




European Specialty Baked Goods